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Manicures and Pedicures from The Woodhouse Day Spa® – Littleton, CO.

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference in how we feel. A hug from a close friend. A loving word from your partner. Your child reaching up to hold your hand. All of these small and simple acts can fill our hearts and help us see the day in a new light. The same is true of spa treatments. When you can’t fit a whole day of treatments into your busy schedule, a stop at The Woodhouse Day Spa – Littleton, CO for manicures and pedicures can make a big difference in how you feel.

Manicures and pedicures are among the most popular spa experiences we offer at The Woodhouse Day Spa – Littleton, CO. Our Spa Professionals understand that manicures and pedicures are a quick and easy way to change your look and how you feel. The accompanying massage and hydrating lotions and oils can reduce stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

At The Woodhouse Day Spa – Littleton, CO, we are proud to offer a variety of manicures and pedicures to fit your schedule and needs. The selection of manicures available at our Littleton, CO day spa include:

  • The Woodhouse Signature Hand Treatment
  • Warm Agave Nectar Manicure
  • Spritzer Manicure
  • Gentlemen’s Manicure
  • Immaculate Wear Manicure

The selection of pedicures available at our Littleton, CO day spa include:

  • The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure
  • Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure
  • Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure 
  • The Tula – An express manicure/pedicure option for your busiest days
  • Gentlemen’s Pedicure

When you visit our day spa for pedicures, you can also choose our Lucky Legs Add On. This additional service includes a leg massage designed to reduce swelling in the feet and legs.

All of our manicures and pedicures are performed by our Spa Professionals who understand your desire to step away from the everyday and into the Woodhouse Experience. When you reserve a time for manicures and pedicures, you’ll enjoy an experience designed to relax and rejuvenate your spirt and body.

Take time for yourself. Reserve a time at our Littleton, CO day spa for manicures and pedicures today. Use on our online scheduling option or call our Littleton, CO day spa to speak with one of our Team Members for assistance choosing the manicures and pedicures that are ideal for your needs.

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