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Experience a Signature Service at The Woodhouse Day Spa® – Littleton CO

The Woodhouse Day Spa brings relaxation and rejuvenation to our guests in the Littleton CO area. From skin care and sleep treatments to massage therapy and hand and food treatments, you can enjoy services that will sooth away stress and anxiety. Your experience at The Woodhouse Day Spa – Littleton CO is a holistic journey that will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

The Woodhouse Day Spa – Littleton CO is proud to offer Signature Services specially designed to meet a variety of needs. Our Specialty Services include:

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti

The Minkyti seaweed facial combines relaxation with results to leave you feeling refreshed and looking your best. You’ll experience a warm seaweed mask covered by freshly harvested seaweed which work together to hydrate and nourish your skin. The Minkyti treatment offered in our Littleton CO day spa also includes a massage of the neck, head and shoulders for your relaxation.

The Woodhouse Hydrafacial

Go beyond a traditional facial with The Woodhouse Hydrafacial. This unique skin treatment will infuse your skin with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. The result is skin that glows for weeks to come. The Hydrafacial is an 80 minute Signature Service that is truly priceless.

The Woodhouse Escape

Step away from the routine of everyday living with The Woodhouse Escape. This Signature Service offered at our Littleton CO day spa combines a body scrub, stone massage, and reflexology treatment to release tension from your body leaving you feeling calm and centered.

The Woodhouse Signature Four-Handed Massage

The Four-Handed Massage is an award winning experience offered by The Woodhouse Day Spa – Littleton CO. Two experienced massage therapists will perform a massage that combines scalp massage and reflexology to bring a sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing. This 80 minute treatment offered in our Littleton CO day spa is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat

Your hands and arms take a beating from the weather and daily activities, refresh your skin with this day spa service. The Signature Hand Retreat is 50 minutes designed for relaxation and skin nourishment. This day spa service includes exfoliation, a relaxing massage, and a warm Atlantic seaweed wrap for hydration followed by the application of a hand crème.

The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure

This unique pedicure treatment slips our guests into total relaxation over 80 minutes of pure blissful indulgence. This day spa treatment includes an exfoliation, warm volcanic stone massage, seaweed foot mask, and fresh seaweed leaf wrap all designed to work together to reduce swelling and to soften your feet. This treatment offered at our Littleton CO day spa is ideal for anytime of the year.

We invite you to indulge in one of our Signature Services. Please call our Littleton CO day spa at (720) 390-7808 to reserve your Signature Service or use our online reservation service.

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